Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Submarine Notes & Tidbits (2015, #001)

 Submarines are always silent and strange. - Tidbits  No. 01
CURIOUSLY ENTERTAINING "Sources in the Royal Navy say the damage to the sub is consistent with striking an object while trying to surface. Repairs are expected to cost £500,000 ($746,000). ... The explanation that HMS Talent hit ice was also used throughout the Cold War, when British submarines had in fact collided with enemy vessels." - British nuclear sub suffers £500k damage tracking Russian vessels - rt.com-uk, April 05, 2015 
CURIOUS  "The fire on board Orel is the third fire to occur on Russian Navy submarines undergoing maintenance in just four years - a worrying statistic." - Nicholas de Larrinaga, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly, 09 April 2015  

DISBELIEF:  MARK YOUR CALENDAR(S)  "The nuclear submarine Oryol [Orel] was not seriously damaged in a fire Tuesday at the Zvezdochka shipyard 620 miles north of Moscow, and will be ready for service again by the end of next year."  - Trude Pettersen - Fire-damaged Russian submarine to be repaired,  Barents Observer, April 10, 201

CURIOUSLY ENTERTAINING "Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad has now told Swedish newspapers that the Armed Forces reported to the Swedish government last Wednesday that the suspected underwater vessel was in fact only a civilian 'working boat'." - 'Submarine' in Sweden was only civilian boat - The Local.se  , 13 Apr 2015

PREDICTED in 2006 "The Navy will deploy its first underwater drones from Virginia-class attack submarines for the first time in history later this year, the Navy's director of undersea warfare said Monday." - Kris Osborn -Navy to Deploy First Underwater Drones from Submarines - Military.com Apr 13, 2015

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