Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Answers to latest Submarine Questions of the Week


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Questions of the Week with ANSWERS

1 -  What submarine-building country that formerly "would not have been involved in an open competitive tender because of arms export sensitivities" has reportedly agreed to share "secrets" with a prospective buyer?  ANS: Japan.   more

2 -  What country is the prospective buyer in said submarine offer? ANS: Australia.

3 -  What class of submarine is involved in this underlying acquistion review? ANS: Soryu- class subs (diesel-electric attack subs in service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force from 2009).

4 -  What third-party country is to supply the sub's combat, surveillance, radar and weapons systemsANS:  Reportedly, the United States.

5 -  Has said third-party country has been influential in influencing the purchasing country to go for the deal, and in convincing the selling country to release "secret" data? 
ANS:  Yes, it appears so.
6 -  What tactics or factors would probably be most persuasive in convincing the seller to release its submarine "secrets"? 
ANS (your best choices, for now):
a) -  Evidence corroborating knowledge of such "secrets" by China and/or Russia, for instance, already.
b) -  References to more highly classified "secrets" believed unknown to China and/or Russia, for instance.
c) -  Plans to deliver a SORYU- RAN version with unique upgrades and capabilities.
d) -  All of the above.
e) -  None of the above.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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