Friday, May 15, 2015

Submarine Questions of the Week for 15 MAY 15


Submarines are not only silent and strange, a first priority of modern navies has been to assure related secrets are maintained so at considerable economic costs.  Sales of naval submarines and technologies are experiencing an unprecendented boom resulting in what is now described as a "Growth Business".

Questions of the Week

1 -  What submarine-building country that formerly "would not have been involved in an open competitive tender because of arms export sensitivities" has reportedly agreed to share "secrets" with a prospective buyer?

2 -  What country is the prospective buyer in said submarine offer?

3 -  What class of submarine is involved in this underlying acquistion review?

4 -  What third-party country is to supply the sub's combat, surveillance, radar and weapons systems?

5 -  Has said third-party country has been influential in influencing the purchasing country to go for the deal, and in convincing the selling country to release "secret" data?

6 -  What tactics or factors would probably be most persuasive in convincing the seller to release its submarine "secrets"?

ANSWERS: Wednesday,  20 MAY 15.

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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