Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Update V: Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Power


The pace of interest has been increasing 

The 1989 Fleischman - Pons experiment was eventually debunked and since then the term cold fusion has become almost synonymous with scientific chicanery. 

 I.   27  JUN  2005 - "Cold Fusion Revival and The US NAVY"

II.  27 MAY 2010 -  "Navy Scientists Zip Lips LENR"

III. 17 AUG  2012 - "Something real is happening." 

IV. 06 NOV 2014 -  "Periodic Update for LENR power (Cold Fusion)"

"The scientists trying to replicate the work of Fleischman and Pons were mainly looking for nuclear signals, like radiation, which generally are not present. They missed that heat was the main by-product. In addition, I learned that there have been nearly 50 reported positive test results, including experiments at Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, EPRI, and SRI." - Tom Darden, founder and CEO of the $2.2 billion private equity fund Cherokee Investment Partners.


August 2015 - After a lapse of two decades, the Japanese government has issued a request for proposals for low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research.  "The budget for this program this year is $27 million".  

September 2 015 - Scientists get locked into paradigms until the paradigm shifts. Then everyone happily shifts to the new truth and no one apologizes for being so stupid before.  It’s like when physicists say that according to the laws of aerodynamics bumblebees can’t fly but they do.

Rossi was awarded an important U.S. patent recently... This is one of very few LENR-related patents to date. But let me make one thing very clear. We don’t know for sure yet whether it will be commercially feasible. We’ve invested more than $10 million so far in Rossi’s and other LENAR technology and we’ll spend substantially more than that before we know for certain because we want to crush all the tests. (Recently, we have been joined by Woodford Investment Management in the U.K., which has made a much larger investment into our international LENR activities—so we are well funded.) 
- Tom Darden

 January 2016 -  After 25 years of experimentation, several research groups have produced evidence that real nuclear reactions lay behind the results claimed by Profs Fleischmann and Pons.  The problem according to Professor Huw Price, a philosopher of science at Cambridge university, is that cold fusion became a “reputation trap” which most researchers avoid because they know the scientific world will not take their work seriously. 

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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