Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sub Questions of the Week: 17 MAR 16


In a temporary departure from past Questions of the Week, which required objective answers, this edition also requires a few subjective answers to consider. 

Inspiration for this week's change comes from Ice Station SARGO, a temporary ICEX 16 command center built upon an arctic ice floe (a sheet of floating ice):

Sub Questions of the Week

1  -  What is the significance of Ice Camp Sargo's name?

2 -   In the photo of Ice Camp Sargo below:
-  (a)  From what direction was the wind coming?
-  (b)  Which of the flags shown represent nations who have claimed portions of the extended continental shelf under UNCLOS?  - (c) Which flags represent nations who have not made such claims? - (d) Is there an UNCLOS claimant not participating in ICEX 16?

3 - Two U.S. subs are deployed for ICEX 16; which subs (names & hull numbers)?

4 -  Which of the following are not assigned ICEX 16 participants: Alaska Air National Guard assets, MIT students, Mobile Diving Salvage Unit 2, Norwegian personnel, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team, Royal Navy personnel, Royal Canadian Navy and Air Force personnel, Russian contingents, the USCG?

5 -
What seems strangely out of place in the © Edgar Su / Reuters ICEX-16 unrelated, U.S. submarine photo below (subjective answer)? 

ANSWERS:  Tuesday, 22 MAR 16

Submarines are always silent and strange

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