Friday, December 16, 2016

Answers to Submarine Q.O.T.W. from 12 DEC 2016

Related information, photo(s) and links for questions are found in the original posting.

ANSWERS to Question(s) of the Week

1 - What is the name of the sub shown in a canal?  ANS: USS Shark.

2 - What is this sub's hull number?   ANS: SSN 591.

3 - In which canal is this sub shown?   ANS:  The Panama Canal.

4 - When was the sub's transit conducted?   ANS:  The official USN photo shows crew members standing on and diving planes of the nuclear-powered attack submarine Shark en route to the Pacific Ocean as locomotives pull it through the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal on 11 Nov 1989

5 - BONUS Question (Not in original set) - How many locomotives were employed to safely maneuver the sub through the lock?  ANS 4  (Four lines from four separate directions are clearly visible in at larger photo shown here).

Submarines are always silent and strange. 

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