Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Media Investigation of Mar Lago Intrusion Not What It Appears

Chinese woman who allegedly snuck into Mar-a-Lago had device to detect cameras

  • Yujing Zhang's clumsily explained presence was set to appear as a bungled ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) by a Chinese national.
  • No doubt Zhang is Chinese, but she was not sent by China's government to get caught attempting to test, document and subvert (with her malware (on her thumbdrive) the security of President Trump's favored getaway.  "Now the FBI is investigating whether Yujing Zhang, 33, is an agent of the Chinese government.", says the New York Post, which also states that, The incident helped cost Secret Service chief Randolph “Tex’’ Alles his job Monday.
  • The Zhang intrusion was an effort to both discredit Mr. Trump's management acumen and to plant the suggestion of who, besides numerous Deep State subversives and George Dieid *, may wish POTUS assassinated before they can be held to account for their alleged seditious schemes, self-serving treachery, or treasonous activities.
  • First on our short list of potential foreign state malefactors is a North Korean fellow who runs a surprisingly capable organization for clandestine operations, who also has close ties with China and may already be developing an EMP-type nuclear warhead that could be purchased by or donated to the :
  • Finally on our short list of foreign states is Iran and its likely proxy,  anonymous, highly-educated ISIS sympathizers and operatives.
   * Juan Caruso prefers the NKA (next known as) name for an infamous  "philanthropist" who changed his given name to George S _ _ _.

 Submarines are always silent and strange.

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