Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Scoop for the 4th Estate: The Mother of All Democrat Tradeoffs - Part II

Our media appear "stuck on stupid" in reporting daily military deaths in Iraq. While the duration of counter-terrorist operations in Iraq now exceeds the period of U.S. involvement in WWII, please note some stark differences:

The U.S. population today is 300 million. By the end of WWII the total U.S. population was only about 141 million (U.S. Census - 1946 estimate). There were 407,300 U.S. military deaths in WWII and 11,200 U.S. civilian deaths attributable to the war.

To guage the comparable impact of WWII's American civilian deaths on today's sissyfied, feminized population one would have to convert the 11,200 civilian deaths of WWII by 2.13 (the factor for interim population growth). Accordingly: 11,200 x 2.13 = 23,830 civilian deaths.

Now, lets do the same for U.S. WWII military deaths: 407,300 x 2.13 = 866,596. In order to appreciate the per capita magnitude of casualties suffered in WWII for the U.S. alone, we would have had to experience 866,596 deaths in the war against terrorism by now. The last time I checked, we have not suffered anything close to that number of war fatalities. Could no one in the press figure this out?

The law certainly has company, for the press is also an ass.


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