Thursday, August 09, 2007

Book Review: Natural Selection

Why I bought this book:
Knew that my roundtrip flights would imprison me for 12 hours in just 2 days. Actually, it was more like 14.5 hours, but the book was entertaining enough to hold my interest and get me through security without stressing out TSA people.

Average review for Natural Selection by new author Dave Freedman. I generally agree with the 4-star rating. Nice job, Dave.

A submarine with an external diver platform, somewhat similar to the above diagram, is featured in 4 chapters, sometimes at a depth of 2,102 feet (115 milli-leagues beneath the sea); a wealthy ex-Lawyer is the chief antagonist; terrifying sea monsters; sea monster diet is interesting and varied; graphic descriptions of stalking and eating habits.

Very imaginative stuff; suspenseful throughout. Offers important realism; for instance, the lawyer does not get eaten by a sea monster (perhaps that will be changed in a movie script).

Well, who really knows what has evolved down there and how intelligent it may become?
Helicopters get mileage Al Gore could appreciate.
My Trivia:
Jules Verne finished Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea in 1870. Did you know that his father, Pierre, was an attorney?



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