Friday, August 31, 2007

The So Silent it is The Mute Service? - Part 1

Submariners are familiar with the term silent service, as well as strong rationales for prevailing national secrecy on related topics.

There are presently 42 countries that own and operate naval submarines. Three years ago, there were 45. Those interested in serious collecting of their submarine insignia may want to read some caveats and finer points by Steve Jones, Commander, United States Navy (Retired), first. (Disclosure: Years ago I used to be an active insignia collector, myself).

Our minds are full of all that we hear about submarines. Even stories about Venezuelan and Iranian submarines, for instance, have been written about in recent weeks and months.
We have even heard recently about Taiwan (Republic of China Navy) submarines.

We do not hear much about Cuban subs, however, because as of a few years back, Cuba's Navy no longer had any. We should add Syria to that category. But, what does it mean when a country, a NATO member no less, operates submarines that we rarely, if ever, hear about?

Something very good. To be continued ...



At 02 September, 2007 14:24, Blogger Sturgeon said...

Hmm, my bet would be Canada, but I'll patiently await your post.


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