Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Submarine Quote of the Week Quandary and a Longhaired, Patriotic Art Video ...

This week's selection for Quote of the Week is from the Royal Navy's captain of submarines at Faslane. His quotation is a public relations bite marking a very significant accomplishment by HMS Sceptre. The Sceptre achieved one of the longest patrols in submarine history. There is only one problem, and he admits it, 'A nine-month deployment is something that probably only another submariner could appreciate.'

So, what is Quote of the Week (#6a) that will be promptly misinterpreted by all non-submariners. Here it is:

"Believe me, to keep a submarine at sea for nine months is no mean feat."
- Captain Richard Baum, HM Naval Base Clyde; BBC News; 24 October 2007

As submariners know, keeping hardware at sea is not the tough part. Keeping humans at sea more than several months in a craft too small for adequate food stores is problem number one. There are only three choices: Replenishments at sea involving surfaced, or submerged stores transfers; or space-type, dehydrated foods. (All 3 methods have been conducted during various, undisclosed submarine trials). More here

Submarines are always silent and strange.

Due to interpretation issues above, a second Quote of the Week is offered. Asked about a scenario where Syria might launch a pre-emptive strike against Israel using a missile with a chemical warhead, one of JCPA’s Program Directors responded (#6b):

“What I talked about is conventional, and we should not be the first to move it from conventional to non-conventional. If the Syrian’s or others will use non-conventional mass destruction systems, it is a totally different story.”
- Major General (Res.) Yaacov Amidror; The New Battle Strategy in Israel;, October 24, 2007

Longhaired Art
Remember the artists who have used a submarine genre in their well-meaning, just mean, or well-received expressions? This will help: well-meaning; just mean; well-received. And, we have all seen Old Glory desecrated by long-haired, liberal geniuses who cannot express themselves adequately without infantile methods. Well, this is certainly refreshing art (from Boston Scientific): Turn on your sound. YouTube



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