Thursday, July 03, 2008

Remembering Our Colors and Blessings

Are you as tired of the infighting and flag burning, as Molten Eagle?

If you are American, you are already blessed. We set the large population opportunity standard for all of the world's states through our individual productivity, enterprise, and charity.

Inside and outside of America there are many villains and the misguided who tread on us in attempts to lower our hard-won standards to those of the less diligent or less free.

Rejoice on American Independence Day! Our citizens are of all colors and the fruits of our capitalism are most amazing.

American Innovations

American Innovations Contest Winner ...

America the Beautiful...

...Ray Charles.

Finally, our greatest blessing is citizenship in a free country maintained by hard-working, and courageous optimists - self-reliant people of great hope, who sneer at the lazy, snakeoil doomsayers, bellyaching activists and America's indigenous parasites (lawyers topping the list). This time, let's get in their faces for a change by flying our colors! Honor our forefathers and our troops!



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