Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A SEAL team that did not officially exist and a Dream Ticket

My Credentials ...

Who else do you know who predicts better than this?

M.E. Predictions: 2005? Both bear fruit 2007; Update: July 2, 2008.

Not yet convinced? How about a submarine-related forecast?

M.E. Prediction: Ever heard about a SEAL team that did not officially exist? In which theater did it concentrate its operations that never took place? Me either. ... Sleep well, Hugo. We are all going to have to wait and see. The 4th Fleet is silent and strange, like submarines - October, 2007? Bears Fruit January, 2008 ; Update at 'This Blogs Reading Level: GENIUS: April 2008; Latest: July, 2008 and, The commander of 8,400 Navy SEALs, Rear Admiral Joseph D. Kernan, will go on to serve as commander U.S. 4th Fleet.

You may search out my other predictions, some of which are not yet due, on your own. Right now, I have a new one for you:

There is as much need for one lawyer on McCain's ticket as there is for ONLY one on Obama's. Sorry, Hillary and Huckabee!

The reason for including a lawyer is more than historical precedent, in reality, it is entitlement of a disproportionately powerful and wealthy group, the lawyer class. Our "collegial" nobility must be granted their ticket to ride. As long as only one lawyer is on the winning ticket, the public has never rejected the undue influence of the U.S. legal profession in all 3 branches of government. Have you?

M.E. PREDICTION: McCain will select a lawyer as his running mate. - 07.01.08 - 1:45 pm # 4

While I do not predict it will ever come to pass, Molten Eagle believes McCain's ideal ticket would include Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate.



At 08 July, 2008 09:09, Blogger Submarine Recruiter said...

That is amazing you had the same thought. I was watching part of the electrion strategy the other day and had the thought of McCain would have a hell of a chance if he had a Democrat as his running mate for VP! I guess we will all see what happens.


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