Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Question of the Week - 9-11-2009 ANSWERS

The following relate to last Friday's original posting.

Questions of the Week:
1) Roughly, how far is Crete from Tehran?
.....Ans.: Air distance is 2479 kilometers (1540 miles or 1338 nautical miles).
2) Nominally, what kind of missiles does USS Georgia (SSGN-729), shown above, carry?
.....Ans.: Each SSGN is capable of carrying up to 154 Tomahawk or Tactical Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles.
3) Who said, "Force protection has been the preoccupation of the U.S. Navy since the 1996 Taiwan Strait confrontation"?
.....Ans.: Robert S. Ross, who is considered one of the foremost American specialists on Chinese foreign and defense policy and U.S.-China relations.
4) What is Master Chief Richard R. Peters, USN (Ret.), doing these days?
.....Ans.: Former SEAL Team member, Master Chief Richard R. Peters, USN (Ret.) is currently a Director of Security of a full-time executive protection team, and a lead instructor for Trident Investigative Service, Inc.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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