Sunday, January 30, 2011

U.N. Lawyers Seek Relief for Enemy Combatants; Unmanned Drones Illegal?

Should an unaccountable arm of the U.N. be responsible for the formidable, legal delay described by one of our best Admirals? The U.S. pays around 25% of the total dues levied by this corrupt organization of 192 member states.
Perhaps readers need an example of the need for UN reforms. First reported October 24, 2010, U.N. official calls for study of ethics, legality of unmanned weapons, now seems to be making headway. The U.N. official is this lawyer. His predessessor at the U.N. was this lawyer. Alston had held a range of senior UN appointments for over two decades, as one of 162 anonymous lawyers working for this organization.

A United Nations investigator called on the world body Friday to set up a panel to study the ethics and legality of unmanned military weapons - an apparent reference to U.S. drones that have targeted suspected Islamist militants [in Afghanistan].

Has the U.S. not been fighting an expensive (blood and treasure) war of sorts. Isn't it time for Sen. Lindsey Grahm to ask the UN to investigate the proper redress of un-uniformed combatants who use unmanned IEDs to blow our troops to smithereens? Where are you Sen. Graham, you lawyer? Being a JAG did not prevent your weighing in on such matters earlier.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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