Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How To Stop The 300 Bomber Islamo-Terror Menace

Today, Debak reported Al Qaeda issues “final warning” to Europe
Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades claiming London’s July 7 rail-bus attacks gives European states still in Iraq – Denmark, the Netherlands, Britain, Italy – one month to bring their soldiers out.
Otherwise, said the statement, whose authenticity has not been verified, “there will be a bloody war in the service of God.” There will be no more messages, just actions that will be engraved on the heart of Europe.

Meant to stoke fear into the heart of Europe, Islamo-terrorists may have the wherewithal:
DEBKAfile’s Pakistan correspondent reveals: Up to 300 British Muslims of Pakistani origin may have signed up with al Qaeda for suicide missions. British authorities specifically asked the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI to find out is how many more Muslim volunteers of Pakistani origin are now in the UK ready to carry out suicide bombings.

Pakistani intelligence identified Osama Nazir, a member of the now outlawed militant outfit, the Jaish-e-Mohammad, after the London bomb blasts. Nazir admitted meeting Shehzad Tanweer in 2004. When interrogated, Nazir estimated that 300 British Muslims of Pakistani origin have received training at Jaish-e-Mohammad and Harkatul Mujahideen camps since 9/11 and signed up with al-Qaeda for suicide missions.

The virulent, Islamist plague had been dormant until awakened by Osama bin Laden types. Now, aimless losers programmed for suicide operations spread destruction around the globe. The short-term solutions to this problem could be military, religious (an even more fundamentalist sect), medical (castrations) or statistical (nuclear), but it should be psychological. It will also be necessary to show how quickly the suicide bombers to date have been forgotten by their communities, not enshrined. Any Muslim communities that enshrine suicide bombers will be identifying themselves and their politics without the usual pretenses of peacefullness. That will also also help immensely.

Playing the Free-Celebrity (religious martyrdom) card enables otherwise unacomplished, and distinctly indolent losers to become finally successful in the eyes of their survivors, their communities, their peer groups and even their most esteemed leaders -they now believe. Such instant gratification now seems very tangible to them due to examples of earlier martyrs. The paradise stuff makes it all seem pallatable, but in reality it is all about long-term martyrdom, pure and simple. Who would want to be in a paradise surrounded by others who have done little but use the Free-Celebrity card?

The card has exclusive cachet, much higher than platinum, and can only be issued to and used by muslims. The would-be suicide bombers' entire outlook is based on envy -they sorely want to be envied. Muslims dare not speak out against this morbid idiocy for religious reasons. A few exhaustive studies, some well-written biographies, perhaps a documentary on PBS describing the martyr groups’ earthly accomplishments with their nonsuicidal peers’ accomplishments would go far to cancel out the perception of envy, especially when the martyrs are soon forgotten. Paradise like that can be Hell.


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