Saturday, February 04, 2006

Strange Defense News

275 knot Seal Swarm Carrier (CSC)

What will be the use of the CSCs and other military aquisitions described below?

Lawmakers encouraged by report urging boost in sub production
"The Quadrennial Defense Review, which offers a broad blueprint for changes in the military, recommends that the Navy increase production of its submarines to two per year by 2012. "

answer: Replacements of aging fleet

US asks for data on military use of very light jets
"The U.S. Air Force on Tuesday asked the defense industry to help explore the possible military uses of an emerging aircraft class called "Very Light Jet," without explaining how it hoped to use the new jets. ...maximum takeoff weight no greater than 10,000 pounds, powered by one or two gas turbine engines, and a commercial list price of much less than $5 million per aircraft, according the Air Force notice."


answer: CSCs are for a New IV Fleet

U.S. to Add a New Fleet to Lineup
The Navy is currently organized into five fleets:
Second Fleet - Atlantic.
Third Fleet - Eastern Pacific.
Fourth Fleet - none
Fifth Fleet - Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean..
Sixth Fleet - Mediterranean.
Seventh Fleet - Western Pacific.

The first new fleet since prior to WWII will be Roman-numeralled 'IV' (as in 4th fleet). In a departure from the MILITARY PHONETIC ALPHABET , the IV fleet will be phonetically referred to Hugo Chavez's country, Invade Venezuela. No units have been assigned to this fleet as yet, and the Pentagon is said still to be screening admirals with reputations as madmen to command it. Once Congress approves the Pentagon's $997 billion funding request, the first dozen SEAL Swarm Carriers (CSC shown above) will be assigned. There are no firm plans to overthrow Chavez or invade Venezuela, but the water temperature offshore is conducive to relatively easy training, maintenance, and swim call activities. So Chavez will not be unduly frightened, Fleet IV will be a demonstration and test fleet only. Live munitions will be unnecessary, so IV fleet will have a lighter overall look (LOL) for VIP show and tell purposes, as well as operating savings.


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