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EygptAir 990, Al Qaeda's Recruiting Tool for 9-11?

Al Qaeda used suicide pilots to turn commercial airliners into guided missiles in its 9-11 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. What gave Al Qaeda planners the boost necessary to recruit suicidal pilots?

Up until that point, commercial aircraft were targets of
timebombs secreted aboard airliners by terrorist passengers who would deboard prior to the final leg of the journey for which a timer was set:

On December 11, 1994, Flight 434 was on its second leg from Cebu to Tokyo when a small bomb exploded, killing one passenger. Authorities later discovered that a passenger on the aircraft's preceding leg was Ramzi Yousef (under a false name). He left his test bomb (one-tenth the explosive power later bombs would have) in a life jacket under his seat before deboarding. The bomb exploded in-flight four hours later, killing a Japanese businessman.

A large-scale attack on airliners known by Al Qaeda as Explosion, Bojinka in Arabic, plotted
to destroy 11 airliners inflight to the U.S. Authorities discovered and thwarted this plot in

What changed Al Qaeda's airline pilot recruiting success between 1995, and September 11, 2001? On Halloween of 1999, a Los Angeles-New York-Cairo flight (EgyptAir 990) dove into the Atlantic Ocean 60 miles south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. According to the NTSB's Probable Cause finding, the disaster was a result of the relief first officer's flight control inputs. The relief first officer, a Muslim named Gameel Al-Batouti, deliberately crashed the plane into the ocean, while calmly reciting Tawakalt ala Allah (I put my trust in Allah) and counteracting the captain's efforts to recover from the dive. He became radical Islam's suicide-pilot, role model.

Mohammed Atef, al-Qaeda’s military operations chief, is said to be inspired to use the idea of planes as weapons after learning of this incident. The US learns of Atef’s interest from the interrogation of al-Qaeda suspects in Jordan, but it hasn’t been reported if this is learned before or after 9/11. [Washington Post, 9/11/2002] Able Danger was silenced forever on February 15th, of this year. Media attention to the Muhammad cartoon violence and V.P. Cheney's hunting accident muted the final testimony.


Philippines authorities had reported another aviation plot in 1995: "What the subject [Abdul Hakim Murad] has in his mind is that he will board any American commercial aircraft pretending to be an ordinary passenger. Then he will hijack said aircraft, control its cockpit and dive it at the CIA headquarters." In his confession to Filipino investigators, Murad confessed that the Manila cell could not recruit enough people for suicide hijackings prior to the discovery of the plot.

Pretenses of ignorance by the Able Danger suppression cabal (the US intelligence community and its bipartisan, congressional oversight members) appears to be shattered.


At 24 August, 2006 19:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...


A Muslim shaheed or ‘martyr’ (one who dies while killing infidels), may intercede with Allah to take 70 of his relatives to paradise with him, no matter what their sins.

This thought kept going through Papa's mind as he was considering a career for Sharif, the youngest and most useless of his eleven sons and umpteen daughters. Sharif wasn't much good for anything in this world, he couldn't even remember more than five aliases when filling in his welfare claims.

So a family council was called, and targets discussed. Aircraft, schools and trains had their pros and cons. But then Sharif's sister Parveen had a brain-wave. "Killing Christians is indeed pleasing to Allah, but you get treble points for killing Joooooz. - Let's send him to Israel"

Everybody was in agreement apart from Momma, who wondered how Sharif was going to feed himself in paradise since this was the first time he'd been away from home and he couldn't even open a can.

"No problem" Papa explained "Out of 72 virgins some of them are going to be able to cook." Momma was not convinced they’d be able to cook as well as her.

Meanwhile Sharif went to the local Mosque’s laboratory to mix the relevant ingredients in the correct proportions.

The great day came, and Sharif rushed into an Israeli seaside bar shouting "I love Pepsi Cola more than you love death! Akkah Albar!" - He never could get anything right.

He pressed the detonator and there was a fizzle, and then a flame from his bomb belt - but no bang. Sharif was no great genius at chemistry, he'd made an incendiary mixture instead of explosives.

In an effort to extinguish the flames, Sharif ran out and jumped into the sea. It worked, but then he remembered he’d never learned to swim.

The body was washed up in due course, leaving and Papa and Momma very uncertain. Could Sharif be a Shaheed by just killing himself without taking any infidels with him? Eventually they decided to visit a medium to make contact and find out what he was doing in the afterlife.

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Sharif’s voice came through the medium sounding squeaky and distorted. “Well, I get up in the morning and have sex. Then I have a lettuce. I have sex again. Then I have a cucumber. Then more sex and celery and so on for the rest of the day.”

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But Momma was still a little anxious “You’ll need more than salad to keep your strength up with all that exercise. Aren’t they feeding you properly in paradise?”

“Who said anything about paradise?” Sharif’s voice replied. “I’ve been reincarnated as a rabbit in Salinas valley.”

At 03 January, 2008 13:48, Blogger Unknown said...

...and counteracting the captain's efforts to recover from the dive
You obviously have not read the official NTSB report regarding that accident. Nowhere in it you can find this claim. Time to do some reading. Before you done that please refrain from misinforming people.


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