Friday, August 18, 2006

Pulsed Laser Seen at Hilo? The Blackmail Theory

If a U.S. airliner leaving Hawaii is downed in the near future, start believing the U.S. was being blackmailed and this was only the latest WARNING:

Missile-like metal tube is reported over Hilo Airport - Civil Defense official Lanny Nakano said the federal agencies classified the sighting as unconfirmed. The FBI and TSA have not commented. "Police also interviewed about a half-dozen witnesses who saw or heard it", said police spokeswoman Chris Loos.

A long-pulsed, high power laser beam is not only coherent ("tube shape" as a witnesses reported), it vaporizes water molecules in its path (trailing "vapor" that quickly dispersed, as one witness reported) and creates a pressure wave ("The noise was super-loud," said one witness) [Notes 1 & 2].

At Pohakuloa Training Area, 30 miles to the west, spokesman Bob McElroy said there were no military exercises using missiles.

Who uses pulsed laser near US airports? Hilo may be another example, far-removed from Long Island's 1996, TWA-800 downing [Note 3] .

Who Has a High Power, Submarine-Borne Laser Weapon? here
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1-Lightning heats air to 30,000 K in less that 10 u-seconds (Uman, 1987). The sudden increase in pressure and temperature causes surrounding air to expand at a rate faster than the speed of sound. Thunder is exploding air occurring along the whole length of the lightning channel. A weaponized, pulsed laser beam has a range of hundreds of miles and could similarly generate an audible shock wave.

2- Generation of Sound Waves in Water by a High Power Laser - The frequency spectrum of the sound wave is discussed and compared to that of an explosion.
3- TWA Flight 800 (1996); Swiss Air Flight 111 (1998); and EgyptAir Flight 990 (1999). Has an unidentified, foreign power been blackmailing the United States?


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