Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Is an SAS-S Submarine?

Suppose that among the world's nations was a rogue state intent on rebuffing formal U.N. resolutions to spread religious oppression (Note-1) in general and to specifically help terrorists annihilate a more religiously tolerant country (Note 2) that had been set up by the United Nations (Note 3) decades ago. Further suppose the rogue state would soon possess nuclear weapons.

The rogue state is no mystery, everyone within 70 miles of a working television or 30 miles of a radio set knows who the aggressor is. What would you do as defense minister of the country threatened daily with annihilation or suicide bombings, mortar raids and rocket attacks?

Enter the SAS-S (Strategically Assured Second-Strike submarine deterrence). Instantly, most people will understand the threatened countries purpose in procuring such submarines (nuclear shot capable), although the belated acquisition may be as mysterious as ever.

The SAS-S will have exactly the pobability of deterrent success as the falsity of the rogue state's intentions to develope nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. No less, no more.
Simply brilliant and revealing.

Revealing? Very. To be effective, the new submarines must be delivered and crews trained before the rogue state decides to tip a medium range missile with a nuclear warhead. I guess
the threatened state knows pretty well when that capability will exist and has planned with ample lead time. Any guesses when that is?

1- The aggressor state's religious diversity by residency is: Islamic-98%; Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha'i-2%. Source: CIA Factbook 8-22-2006
2- The threatened state's religious diversity by residency is: Jewish-77%; all Islamic-18%; all Christians 2%; other (and rounding error) 3%. Source: CIA Factbook 8-22-2006
3- In 1947, the UN General Assembly approved its UN Partition Plan dividing the territory into two states, Jewish and Arab areas.


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