Friday, November 17, 2006

Israel's Suicide Terrorist Symmetry May be China's Bad News for FBMs

(Please see Molten Eagle's tribute to Richard Feynman above) "Richard Feynman’s article, from which it could be inferred that molecular nano assemblers would be a new post-nuclear super weapon, was published in 1959." source

Nanotechnology engineers devise a flying robot, no bigger than a hornet, to chase, photograph and kill its targets. The nanoweapon, nicknamed "bionic hornet", navigates narrow alleys to reach difficult targets like snipers or rocket launchers.

Prototypes for the new weapons are expected within three years, according to public announcement. This means, in Molten Eagle's opinion, that crude weapons are undergoing refinement currently. A self-destruct mechanism must be integrated within the new weapon to prevent enemy interception and replication. That is probably the easiest challenge, however.

Others weapons under "study" include super gloves that give the user the strength of a "bionic man", miniature sensors to detect suicide bombers, and vectors to inject incapacitating, biological agents into combatants dressed as civilians (thugs).

Even the U.S. has been investigating such possibilities and has no doubt progressed way beyond any development (effort) that we can publicly discuss ( difficulties of flying ). Nano weapons still seem as insurmountable to some, as the Wright brothers' invention once did. Only the few, leading edge folk, see the possibilities in an inevitable sense.

If one doubts or denies the efficacy of nano weapons, consider that the Manhattan Project from 1942 to 1945 spent over $100 billion, while present government allocations on nanotechnology amount to less than $1 billion a year. Worse, in 1986 China fundedProject 863 to develop post--nuclear super weapons in seven fields. Naturally, some Chinese scientists who had read Feynman’s article proposed their research in molecular nano assemblers.

"Now molecular nano weapons are expected to be able to find the bombers and submarines of retaliation and reduce them to dust." source

Have some of these weapons already been spotted?


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