Thursday, December 14, 2006

Submarines and Ingrowns

Back in January, we speculated on some serious, though humorous sounding, mis-steps in a PR campaign that came off more like an amateurish foreign navy effort than the US Navy's:

What other purpose could the GMA broadcast have served besides PR? That question was posed by a reader of USS Scranton (SSN 756) Whereabouts. He also made this comment:
The thing that I find truly hilarious is that most of the stock footage was of 688s, not even 688Is... much less of the Scranton. The EMBT blow footage Diana Sawyer comments on several times during the broadcast is of a boat with fairwater planes!

We replied:
Answering is easy; being affirmed correct is almost impossible due to the prevailing secrecy of submarine operations. Being labeled wrong, on the otherhand, is a given because the Navy has already told us what they (the CIA)
wanted us to know.

Subsequently, we have witnessed a planned reduction of Atlantic Fleet submarines due to decommissioning or transfers to Pacific Fleet ports. Political threats and espionage needs in the Atlantic arena are relatively insignificant, as we all know.

Molten Eagle suggests that you read about this routine, submarine-related, development effort Navy seeks to enhance undersea surveillance to optimize anti-submarine warfare operations and tuck it away for reference when and if a dastardly antagonist operating subs off our Atlantic coast is ever identified to the public. On the contrary, we may continue in our complacency. No questions, please.


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