Sunday, September 09, 2007

Unpatriotic, No! Kos founder and Senate Libs = Mostly Lawyers = Too Many Cooks in the "Kitchen"

Liberals and RINOs figure that our excessive nuclear arsenal, international diplomacy or criminal law can protect the United States in perpetuity.

SO WRONG: In the current ideological war on Islamist terror, reliance on nukes, international diplomacy and criminal law are almost useless. Leadership, as history repeatedly informs us, is required, as in a strong (not perfect) Commander-in Chief.

There are no nuclear targets lawyers approve, however, due to enduring collateral damage and world opinion considerations. Yet, these same Liberals and RINOs steadfastly chink world perception of the real U.S. alternative, a resolve to fight terrorism with our seasoned military's traditional willingness to achieve victory through heroic sacrifices.

As to dipomatic negotiation, exactly which nation state of the world's Muslim nations is credibly able to or even wishes to neutralize Osama bin Ladin, Al Qaeda, or Wahhabism?

Finally, using criminal law to fight terrorism ensures terrorism will exist in perpetuity (trial lawyer job security), doesn't it? How effective are trial lawyers at ordinary, domestic crime? Think: shorter sentencing, plea bargaining, early release, parole, insanity defense, plausible innocense, etc. Do these trial lawyer's tactics impact recidivism? Hmm!

Liberals and RINOs insist they not be termed unpatriotic.

I agree with them, unpatriotic is an entirely inappropriate adjective for them. 'Moronic' better describes their pitiful positions. Actually, however, lawyers is what most of these Senators actually are, and what we should remember. The followers of the Daily Kos's (founder is lawyer) mindless screed are the trial attorney's ideal jury members, the hoi polloi.

Of course, if I am wrong in my assessment, someone avowing not to have attended law school will offer a reasoned opinion to the contrary. And, to prove that they are also not hoi polloi, they will be obliged to offer substantive facts without their usual foul language or non sequitors (Kos's tactic) to end public debate. Any takers out there?



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