Monday, February 14, 2011

NEW Sub Escape Suit announced after Chilean Mine Lessons Learned ( MK-34D )

The MK -10 SEIE Escape Suit is a combination whole-body suit and inflatable, one man life raft of British design. The combinations potentially allow submariners to escape from a sunken submarine with a measure of protection against hypothermia.[1]
The MK-10 (seen here) has been scheduled to replace prior equipment aboard U.S. Navy submarines since 2004. Several later variants of the combo suit now exist. One class of variants was designed especially for use where thermal protection is not required.
In addition, Juan Caruso illustrates the very latest variant sleuthed from covert areas of the naval submarine web. Juan believes the MK-34D (shown here) was designed in response to a rarely discussed need connected with some of last year's 33 trapped and starving Chilean miners.
As usual, Juan's illustrations should be self-explanatory to informed readers. What some readers may not perceive and Juan is unwilling to illustrate are additional variants connected with SSGN female crew members, as well as any hypothetical X-DADT prototypes.
At this time, neither the RN nor US navies will acknowledge plans to design or deploy such variants.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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