Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Molten Eagle Prediction Has Proven Correct

Molten Eagle's readers got this original prediction...
Obama must, for the first time in his administration, clarify a NATIONAL vision acceptable to the MAJORITY of Americans. Failure to do so convincingly will be ruin for his party in 2010 (period). - January 24, 2010
What happened in November is more than historic. Vigilis followed through on his own promise made on January 24th.

I am willing to offer the benefit of the doubt UNTIL Obama's state of the union address affirms otherwise. Specificity is required now. If Obama tries to hedge or obfuscate his actual intent again, may the Submariners' Hymn send him to the bottom of his erstwhile, fraudulent, political career with all due dispatch!

Accordingly, readers have found an Obama Who? countdown (lower right) on this blog ever since. Unlike the vision for America Obama has never shared with the majority of Americans (why not?) there are vital reasons for keeping some secrets. Consider:

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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