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Submarine Mystery Questions (11-22-2011)

'Join the Navy and See the World' ... Maybe not so much anymore...


Article23 - Foreign nuclear-powered ships and ships carrying nuclear or other inherently dangerous or noxious substances
Foreign nuclear-powered ships and ships carrying nuclear or other inherently dangerous or noxious substances shall, when exercising the right of innocent passage through the territorial sea, carry documents and observe special precautionary measures established for such ships by international agreements. - United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea - Part II

In 1984, New Zealand refused access to its ports by nuclear-weapons-capable and nuclear-powered ships of the U.S. Navy. This anti-nuclear policy negated established U.S. policy of neither confirming nor denying the presence or absence of nuclear weapons onboard U.S. vessels. New Zealand's policy also effectively prevented its cooperation under ANZUS. In August 1986 the United States suspended its ANZUS security obligations to New Zealand. Despite President George H.W. Bush's 1991 announcement that U.S. surface ships do not normally carry nuclear weapons, New Zealand's prohibition of visits by nuclear-powered ships has continued. GlobalSecurity.org

1. In which country with nuclear powered submarines are even those subs barred from all of its mercantile ports?

2. When did President George Herbert Walker Bush first announce his initiative to offload all tactical nuclear weapons from all surface ships and submarines?

3. In what country was a bomb set off at a local square superficially injuring 3 sailors from USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) after its CO stated, "I cannot confirm or deny that possibility", referring to conveying nearly 100 nuclear weapons?

4. Based on official U.S. Navy documents, what other country alleged that a U.S. destroyer had loaded nuclear weapons aboard prior to arriving in their port during 1988?

5. Submarines have not been the only U.S. Navy vessels impacted by nuclear concerns. Earlier, a U.S. destroyer had been denied tug-boat assistance into an Australian port when members of the Fireman and Deckhands Union objected to servicing a nuclear armed vessel. Identify the destroyer (name and hull number), the year, and the port.

6. How many of you visited Naples on an SSN; your SSN, no doubt, anchored out. Does Italy still bar nuclear subs from docking in ports?

Answers: Sunday, 27 NOV 2011. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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