Thursday, December 01, 2011

Submariners Mystery Questions of the Week (12/1/2011)

WARNING: Background for some of this week's questions is not in the usual, technical or esoteric vein. Vigilis concluded that the educational value has significant merit, however. Proceed at your own risk.

a) Submarine Relativity Facts - Did You Realize?

b) Even some of the world's most popular submarine blogs (Prime example - 4.5 million page views in 7 years) contain healthy doses of crude expression and may elicit a vulgar comment or two regularly.

c) The first group of female officers finished their nuclear training and were assigned to submarines as of last month.

d) An ex-FBI agent (Lin Devecchio) in charge of managing mob informants says in an interesting, non-fiction book [color and bold emphasis added]:

"Around this time we learned that Junior Persico had been placed under punitive detention in prison. He had temporarily lost certain visitation privileges and had thereby lost an important means of communicating with his faction. His female lawyer was seen on a prison video monitor performing oral sex on him. She followed this attorney-client-privileged performance with a love letter. Naturally, we had the tape sent to us for our files in the interest of thoroughness."


1 ) - What are 'Junior' Persico's age, full name and what other nickname(s)?

2) - How long a sentence is he currently serving, where is he now serving, and what notorious white-collar convict has he been associated with most recently?

3) - If you can, name the most notorious of Junior Persico's former lawyers.

4) - Name at least one of Junior Persico's lawyers of the female gender.

ANSWERS: Friday, 9 DEC 2011.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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