Thursday, January 02, 2014

Recent Revelations from Canada's and Israel's Navies are

Whether viewed with awe; shock, or simple disbelief, recent revelations by Canada and Israel are unusually disconcerting.

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

AWE: No injuries connected with damage shown.   DISBELIEF: "Indefinite" absence of a seaworthy destroyer for Canada's West coastline (but 2 in the Atlantic).  more

Check out this RIMPAC YouTube (4:24 minutes) filmed on HMCS ALGONQUINDISBELIEF: Did you hear piping from the bridge then the announcement "Wakey, Wakey! Hands to Breakfast..."  (7 seconds in)?  SHOCK: Do you see an image on targets fired upon with rifles and small arms (3:00 to 3:15)? HINT: full screen helps.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

A memorial service for the 69 sailors of the INS submarine Dakar was held to mark the 46 years since it sank into the Mediterranean. The submarine disappeared in 1968, while en route from Scotland to Israel. After a decades-long search, the wreckage was found between Cyprus and Crete in 1999. The submarine had sunk to a depth of 2900 meters, just 500 kilometers from the Israeli coast. 
"An investigation indicated that the cause was technical failure - not an attack - but this has never been fully confirmed.source

24 January 1968
On 25 April 1968, Vice Admiral Abraham Botzer, commander of the Israeli Navy, stated that the Dakar sank on 24 January 1968, two days before being reported missing, due to "technical or human malfunctioning" and ruled out "foul play".

Dakar was was one of two mysterious submarine disappearances in 1968; the other being the French submarine Minerve (S647). To this day no trace of the vessel has been found.

8 June 1967 During the Third Arab–Israeli War, the USS Liberty,  a United States Navy technical research ship in international waters, was attacked by combined elements of of IDF air and sea forces killing 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and one civilian), wounding 171 crew members, and severely damaging the ship.

Israel apologized for the attack, saying that the USS Liberty had been mistaken for an Egyptian ship and attacked in error.  Israel later paid  $3,323,500 to families of the 34 men killed, and in March 1969, Israel paid   $3,566,457 in compensation for those who had been wounded.  In 1980  Israel agreed to a $6 million  settlement of $17,132,709  material damage to the Liberty.

Vigilis implies absolutely NO connection between the Israels' attack on the USS Liberty and the subsequent loss of the Dakar.  Just as in the continuing mystery of USS Scorpion's (SSN-589)  loss, etc. it has been naval policy of submarine nations not to offer the public full disclosure of related investigatory findings.  The 46th anniversary of the Dakar tragedy reminds our reader community of the longstanding and ubiquitous nature of submarine secrecy, which has been repeated as the Molten Eagle saying at the end of   every post.
Submarines are always silent and strange.

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