Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 UPDATE 3/26/2014  Perhaps, not an abend at all. Now appears more than likely part of hastilly planned reaction to to Russia's annexation of Crimea

Wall Street Journal  - U.S. Navy Submarine Drills Use Fake Russian Targets 
The U.S. held weekend submarine drills beneath the Arctic ice cap, involving the use of a provocative simulated target: A Russian sub.  Erporter was there with details.  See his video: WSJ's video .

ICEX 2014, which commenced earlier this month, had been used as background for M.E.'s latest Questions of the Week, involving a mystery ICEX from yesteryear. The earlier ICEX had been more "eventful" than usual, in several respects. There had been a tragedy involving loss of submariners' lives, the rare presence of a Hollywood film crew, and a need to salute.

Only 3 days later, ICEX 2014 has become somewhat eventful in its own right. See picture below.

Note the dicey appearance of the broken ice around USS New Mexico (SSN-779). [USS Hampton (SSN-767) not shown]

March 24, 2014 (AP)   Navy breaks down ice camp north of Alaska
Due to sea ice instability and cracks attributed to shifting winds, the commander of submarine forces ordered an early end to Ice Camp Nautilus located north of Alaska. The ice camp provided support facilities and services for ICEX 2014 submariners, scientists, and related flights

All personnel are safe, the Navy announced from Norfolk., Va.

Submarines are always silent and streange. 

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