Saturday, August 30, 2014

Answers Sub Mystery Questions of the Week (22 AUG)

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 ANSWERS -Sub Mystery Q.O.T.W.

1 - Of continental U.S. submarine bases at Kitsap, WA, Groton, CT, and Kings Bay, GA, which is closest to North Korea?  ANS: Groton CT.  "Frankly, we're the closest to North Korea if you go under the ice." - U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney (D-CT)

2-  What (two) unique naval facilities are co-sited with the 23 submarines at the Groton Naval Submarine Base?   ANS: Any two of the following -  The Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL), the Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) , and the Submarine Force Library and Museum.

3- About how many staff people assigned to Submarine Group 2 are being reassigned to an admiral overseeing the Atlantic sub force from Virginia?  ANS:  Under the streamlining, the 45 people assigned to Submarine Group 2 are being reassigned, according to Lt. Timothy Hawkins, a Navy spokesman.

4- Current streamlining efforts aim to cut support staff for attack submarines based in Connecticut and Virginia by about what percent?  ANS: About 50 percent.  [ibid.]

5- How many attack submarines currently serve the U.S. Navy’s active fleet? ANS: 55.

6- The U.S. Navy's attack submarine fleet is projected to drop to about how many SSNs at its lowest point, and in what year is the low point expected? 
ANS: About 41 subs by 2028. [ibid.]

7- Obvious strategies to maintain a U.S. submarine presence in Asia include lengthening submarine patrols, building subs cheaper and faster, and relying more heavily on sub coordination with friendly Asian countries. Who are four of the friendy Asian countries?  ANS: Australia, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.  [ibid.]

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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