Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recent Submarine Intrigues of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Kind

While the categories described have nothing to do with the late astronomer Dr. Josef Allen Hynek's  categories of  UFO encounters, here is a review of the Hynek scale for the potential edification of misdirected readers.

Recent Submarine Intrigues 
1st Kind  -   Competitive: contract to build the next class for Australia

The competitors are Sweden (Saab Kockums) , Germany (ThyssenKrupp) and Japan ((joint build by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries).  

Apparently, any $20 billion award for 10 new subs (about US $18.7 billion ) must recognize a need for related job support in the Adelaide region. 

2nd Kind -   Mysteries

 #1  -  RARE personnel transfer from submarine - the U.S.  Atlantic Fleet

The US asked the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre this week to fetch a sailor from a navy sub.  The sailor was then brought ashore and taken to the airport for a flight home.  The crew transfer was described as humanitarian.  more

#2 -  RARE disclosure of U.S. strategic patrols completion

Navy marks 4,000th ballistic-missile submarine patrol


#3 - RARE:  U.S. Navy touchy-feely

"The U.S. Navy is looking for ways to adapt its training for millennials, young people raised in a child-centric culture who want and expect nurturing relationships with their bosses.  While some see the craving for feedback as a weakness, Jarrett said it could be a benefit if it's embraced by the Navy. He said the chief of naval operations has indicated his office is reviewing changes that may help tailor training for the new generation of sailors and officers." - 26 SEP 2014 Navy Capt. Andrew Jarrett,  commanding officer of the submarine school, Groton, CT. 

3rd Kind Contentious neighbors - China and India

A Song-class diesel attack submarine (SSK) took on fuel and provisions in Sri Lanka from Sept. 7 to 14, raising India's suspicions as to China expanding its submarine ops into the Indian Ocean.

The Chinese government insists the submarine had only made a replenishment stop* in Sri Lanka on way to the Gulf of Aden for escort and anti-piracy operations, although the submarine  has been accompanied by a tender*.

Submarines are always silent and strange. 

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Answers to Sub Mystery Questions from 19 SEP 2014

Background for questions is found at original posting here.

 ANSWERS - Sub Mystery Q.O.T.W.

1 - There is a very compelling reason that should have discouraged Taiwan from buying 8 US-made diesel subs; what is it?  ANS:   Bids from seven domestic and foreign companies were received, the FMS [foreign military sales] program was evaluated by the U.S. Navy to cost $10.5 billion, a price tag that led to boycotts of the FMS by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the People First Party (PFP) in Taiwan.  Also, a US Council on Foreign Relations commentary said any sale of subs to Taiwan would be too costly and that they are not an effective defensive capability

2 - There is a also a compelling historical reason that should prevent even an Obama administration (with a lawyer in charge of our Navy) from signing onto an FMS (foreign military sales) deal with Taiwan; what is that history? ANS: "Taiwanese military officials have an unfortunate history of passing classified military information into the hands of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA),"

Bonus Questions
(Many former submariners experienced the curious wonder of transiting through a canal in a sub.  Unfortunately, a recent canal transit proved more hectic for one submarine.)

3 - Identify the submarine by name. ANS:  Tayrona de Colombia  (S029), a Type 209, HDW (German-built) sub.

4 - Describe the known damageANS:  Propeller required replacement and transmission system inspected.  Consequently, engines were stopped dead in the water (DIW) in canal, a very vulnerable situation for any naval sub. Unlike Russia (and other submarine powers), however, Colombia's navy quickly acknowledged major repairs and revisions of some of its systems. In 2009, however. Russia's diesel sub Alrosa also had a DIW episode, which Russia immediately attempted to cover-up but failed to hide.

5 - Where was the sub towed for repairs? ANS: Cartagena..after the September 7th incident.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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