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ANSWERS for Submarine QOTW - 5 DEC 2014

Background information and links for questions are found at original posting here.

Submarine Questions of the Week with Answers:

 1. On what submarine is NCIS investigating filming and distribution of women officer(s) undressed or undressing?   ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014): USS Wyoming (SSBN-742 ) home ported in Kings Bay, Georgia. - NavyTimes

2. In what activity were women officer(s) engaged during filming of the alleged video(s)?  ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014):
- NavyTimes
3. How many women, at least, may be shown in the alleged video(s).  ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014)
At least three (3) of the six total in Gold crew.  - NavyTimes

4. Who (enlisted pay grade and B/G crew) allegedly made and distributed the video(s)?  ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014):
An unidentified 24-year-old male, E-4 formerly in Gold crew. -   WJCL later reported: "
Vice Adm. M.J. Connor, commander of the Navy’s submarine force, said in a letter dated Thursday that the alleged perpetrators have been removed from the USS Wyoming while an investigation is conducted." 
5. Where was the alleged offender as of last week?  ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014):
The second class petty officer accused of filming and distributing the videos is assigned to Trident Training Facility, according to the (Nov 14th) incident report. -NavyTimes

6. When did the situation come to NCIS's attention reportedly?  ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014):
Lt. Leslie Hubbell, spokeswoman for Submarine Group 10 in Kings Bay, said,  "The Navy became aware of the alleged criminal activity in November 2014 and promptly began an investigation, which is ongoing," she said in a written statement. -NavyTimes 

7. Where else was one video distributed? ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014):
A report was initially filed after an officer "on a different submarine" received the videos, according to the retired supply officer. 

8.  What surface-ship type requirement has already been suggested by a former woman submarine officer? ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014)
"They're not females, they're junior officers on this boat, they're division officers, and you will address them as Ensign So-and-So, and you can tell everybody else on the boat,' " she said." NavyTimes

9. Why have submarines traditionally been exempt from stricter, surface vessel formalities? ANS (as of 3 DEC 2014)
"...submarines require a more relaxed and informal atmosphere than surface ships in order to maintain peak performance."

10. What new measures will be invoked on submarines in the future?
(Answers to   be updated if and when made public.)

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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At 15 December, 2014 11:44, Blogger Contrary in Texas said...

I've been out of the Navy for a long time so I'm wondering if female officers are addressed as "Yes, sir" or "Yes, ma'am"?

At 17 December, 2014 13:30, Blogger Vigilis said...

Excellent question. Here's a good answer (for now):

The correct term of address for a female officer is "Ma'am", although the Navy has a tendency to refer to junior officers as Mr (male) and Miss (female) when they are being spoken to . The other branches simply address them by their respective rank(s) and last name.

Curt Jones SFC, USA Retired
The day may arrive (unless the female majority relents from its attacks on males) to refer to ALL officers with a gender nuetral form of address. This would have to be preceeded by making the terms Mr. and Mrs. politically incorrect, as well. Any ideas what the neutered prefix will be, "Comrade" Contrary?


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