Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journalists in the dark or assist Navy Cover-Up

A "shower scandal" is the latest stain on the U.S. Strategic Nuclear Force discipline, brought about by unnecessary integration of women into one of the most highly sensitive and highly disciplined military commands before needed. The press has aided cover-up attempts by Congress, the Air Force and Navy to minimize the potentially dire consequences of degraded discipline in our ballistic missile forces, by never publicly pointing their fingers at the root cause - mixing MEN and WOMEN.  In the latest scandal rather serious impacts of unanswered questions are being minimized for a VITAL reason: VITAL NATIONAL SECURITY. The cartoon below entirely misses the gravity of the scandal, which has also gone unnoticed by most of the public (U.S. only).


"Up to a dozen sailors are suspected of viewing secretly recorded videos of their female shipmates undressing in a submarine shower over a period of 10 months, according to a new investigative report obtained by Navy Times. ..." -NavyTimes  

"The scandal has marred the Navy's gender integration effort begun four years ago. ... there may be [sic] separate military consequences for bringing recording equipment onto a submarine or viewing the videos without reporting them."  NavyTimes

ME:  Does anyone assume conducting unofficial filming (videography) aboard Fleet Ballistic Missile subs has not marred the Navy either?

ME:  The scandal reportedly only broke after an officer on another sub was sent a copy of the shower video, and reported the violations within another chain of command. If that sory is actually true,  then the CO, XO and COB of USS Wyoming (G) are probably headed for desk jobs (initially). Talk about assigning women due to a looming shortage of male volunteers is bogus. Integrating women (more and more reluctantly, I might add) will amplify any shortage, and the PC-motivated (DACOWITS) move to assign womenn to subs seems to be backfiring. 

Who actually distributed a shower video copy to an officer on another sub?
a) an enlisted man
b) the Chief of the Boat
c) one of the women officers (RED FLAG)
d) the Wyoming (G) XO or CO?
e) Nobody (it is part of the Navy cover up)

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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At 17 December, 2014 23:34, Blogger Pete said...

Hi Vigilis

Look at this puzzling piece of PLAN propaganda(?) :

"After Submarine 372 surfaced following its emergency, senior officers on board decided not to report the incident to the South Sea Fleet headquarters until the vessel completed its mission....[But] Zhi Tianlong, president of the PLA Navy Submarine Academy, said Wang and his men's handling of the incident was exemplary."



At 18 December, 2014 18:36, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thank you for the heads up on the 372, Pete. My guess is that China is still fairly low on their submarining learning curve. Why wouldn't they be at this stage?

In January of this year you may recall an equally peculiar mystery of China's "Great Wall" sub, the 361. That was also a rather intriguing event (sunk with loss of key people). Had posted about the earlier incident


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