Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Surprises for the Faceless Slayers of French Cartoonists


The West perceives it as so cowardly for Soldiers of Allah to cover their faces while dispensing slaughter to unarmed people that even ex-Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who carried a business card cliaming to be a Soldier of Allah, had not covered his face for his Fort Hood massacre.
"... the Ottoman Empire banned the sale or importation of some materials relating to the Islamic prophet Muhammad in 1900. Affected postcards that were successfully sent through the OE before this date (and are postmarked accordingly) have a high rarity value and are considered valuable by collectors."

Above: Example of a 1900 Muhammad postcard - Their prophet Mohammed entering a cave.

Surprises for Cowards are Certain (Allah willing or not)

The faceless attackers and scores of their anonymous abettors are in store for very fitting surprises.

 - 1 -
[As long as it takes] First, they will be surveilled for a while to ascertain their associates, share background data with key intelligence agencies around the globe, and finally to apprehend those cowards who have not committed suicide --- either dead or alive.  The world just got another booster shot.
 - 2 -
[Recompense] Facing justice is more certain than seeing 72 virgins in any paradise the silly cowards hope they have earned. The truth is that simultaneous marriages to very young women during life is how 72 virgins are allotted the 'deserving' since Muhammad. Of course, it is a challenge that few since the prophet have ever been able to reach.

 - 3 -
[M.E. Favorite since 2005] Muslim Inoculation of the World Against Their Brain Virus Continues ... The world just got another booster shot.  
The latest terror chumps just gave the civilized world an educational "booster shot" to earlier inoculations against their cowardice and retrogressive ideologies.

 - 4 -
[Timely strikes by France]  Until now, France has only been involved in Iraqi theater combat missions.  The world just got another booster shot. And now the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its naval group are preparing to leave for the Gulf region, where they should be engaged in combat against the Islamic state groupDeparture of the aircraft carrier battle group is expected to be officially announced at the annual greeting to the armed that President Fran├žois Hollande to present on January 14, on board the ship off Toulon, its home port.

         The Charles de Gaulle and thirty aircraft including Rafale fighter-bombers and Super Banners should be positioned in the Persian Gulf for augment the aerial bombing campaign conducted by an international coalition. [Yes, inoculation took]The carrier battle group is comprised of "at least one air defense frigate, an anti-submarine frigate, a nuclear attack submarine and a supply ship."

Submarines are always silent and strange. 

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