Monday, August 13, 2007

Molten Eagle, Submarine Insights Devoid of C.o.C.

As used in the title, C.o.C. denotes chain of command, not Combat Operations Center.

By my copyrighted definition, the silent service, or submarines, is always silent and strange. Were Vigilis in the C.o.C., his keyboard would be utterly silent regarding submarine trends, eventualities and potentials. Believe me, the primary reason Vigilis obtains sleep is the potency of our submarine force, the competence and dedication of its crews, and the historically magnificent character of its leadership.

This past July 28th, in High-Tension Submarine Drama in the Deep? The Real Scoop, Molten Eagle speculated that 1) The titanium capsule was probably drop-anchored surrepetiously months ago; and 2) Suitable continental shelf samples were likewise prepared in the past, the dramatic charade is about something else entirely. ... While nearby foreign submarines will secretly monitor every step of the whole evolution, strict public silence will certainly be maintained.

Since then, on 10 August, 2007 17:19, Fred Fry (International) said...
Whether they made it or not is still a question, however, the video and photos 'from the bottom' turn out to be lifted from the movie Titanic.

Obviously, Fred Fry International was factually "on the ball". Today, 72 hours later, (August 13, 2007), we have this news: Russian polar submarine TV footage faked , which states Video footage shown by Russian state-controlled TV channel Rossiya of the Russian submarines (MIR 1 and 2) planting a flag on the sea bed at the North pole were faked, and included shots from the James Cameron film Titanic, according to a Finnish newspaper. The inclusion of the scam video footage was spotted by a 13-year-old Finnish boy, Waltteri Seretin, who compared Reuters' pictures with his own DVD version of the Titanic film.

What is it that philosophers teach us about history? You are certainly welcomed to draw your own conclusions.



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