Sunday, January 15, 2012

Submarine Mystery Answers to 12 JAN 2012

For more background to last week's questions go here (original post).

The westernmost islands of Iceland's Breiðafjörður archipelago number some 5 dozen with a land area around 0.4 square kilometers. The 'Sleepy Islands' were recently advertised for sale.

None of the following questions were answered last week. The islands' estimated worth is ISK 150-195 million (US $1.2-$ 1.6 million, EUR 1-1.2 million), according to realtor Sigurbjörn Friðriksson.


1) Identify the nationality or name of the big, undeveloped island shown above. ANS: Sleepy Islands” in the Breiðafjörður fjord in ICELAND.

2) What is the islands main export? ANS: Eider duck down.

3) What kind of plant processes its main harvest? ANS: Seaweed and kelp.

4) How is the climate described by the CIA World Factbook? ANS: "Temperate; moderated by North Atlantic Current; mild, windy winters; damp, cool summers"

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 17 January, 2012 10:36, Blogger Contrary in Texas said...

I would have guessed Aleutian Islands. The photo suggested a cold landscape.

We stopped in Reykevik (sp?) for refueling back in the 60's, flying from Prestwick, Scotland to Providence, R.I. after being relieved by the Gold Crew.

Iceland was cold. We had to walk about 100 yards from the plane to the terminal during our one hour layover. Brrrr.

At 20 January, 2012 11:57, Blogger Vigilis said...

The small, cold Island (pop. about 300,000) had 500,000 tourists in 2011!


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