Saturday, August 06, 2005

AS-28 the Latest Top Secret Russian Gaffe?

The press have been fed a series of coverups by Russian spokemen to protect actual events and or equipment types and location.

The submersible was trapped we were originally told by a net, its anchor, and now a large undersea antenna system weighted down by two, 60-ton anchors. For some excellent updating, see ULTRAQUIET NO MORE and track to individual blogs.

Russia's evolving information releases may be consitent with:
1) An inept attempt to cover up the existence of its new, top secret monitoring system designed to detect and track the movements of foreign submarines off the coast of its top-secret military bases near Kamchatka.
2) Using the sunken sub as an intelligence gathering ploy for monitoring foreign nation emergency communications, equipment capabilities, coordination, reaction times, plans, etc.
3) A complete decoy to take the world's eyes off something they want to do elsewhere.
4) An attempt to cover up the deployment of a new, anti- submarine, coastal defense system
(that may have inadvertently snared its own sub, AS-28).
5) Something else unknown.

Will you ever hear a full and accurate report? Unlikely. If Russia allows foreign rescue subs and divers in these waters, forget the possibilities 1) and 4).


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