Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hints: Where is Hugo Chavez in the Big Picture?

Next December, for the first time, Venezuelan voters will select a candidate from a pool including an incumbent president. Hugo Chavez is running for re-election.

"The most serious thing about this situation is not only the use of (public) economic resources for campaigning, but also the use of the whole state apparatus" for such purposes, said Leopoldo Puchi, secretary general of the opposition MAS party.

Secretary-General César Pérez Vivas labeled as abuse the president's "unleashed political activism." He underscored there was evidence of the "whole state machinery used for political activism. It is a commingling of state and party assets, of state goals and the goals of a political sector. They [President Hugo Chávez electoral campaign] are using all the society's resources to remain in office in an illegitimate, immoral manner.

"CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned supporters on Sunday that the United States could try to sabotage his upcoming re-election bid, his latest salvo in a new row with Washington over alleged U.S. spying. Left-wing Chavez, who frequently accuses the Bush administration of seeking to overthrow him, has presented what he calls the U.S. "empire" as his principal adversary in the December election.

President Hugo Chávez Sunday forecast 2006 would be one of the hardest years of the Bolivarian revolution because "the empire will risk all" in order to prevent his re-election in December 3rd presidential polls. In a completely self-serving claim, Chavez has often suggested the U.S. will invade Venezuela, a proposition that would allow him to declare a state emergency and retain the presidency without election.

Hugo could as easily forecast that Venezuela will be swarmed in a UFO visitation. What is interesting is that more people are buying his prediction of the U.S. invading Venezuela than of UFOs swarming Caracas. Look for a UFO swarm in mid-September. -Molten Eagle


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