Monday, October 30, 2006

Worst Villainy: Vote Fraud

Most folks cannot name many types of fraud, a fact that suits fraud perpetrators' lawyers just fine.

It may interest you to know that pyramid schemes (old) and carousel fraud (new) are far from the worst. Even the giant Enron debacle, which was devasting to thousands of Americans, is not as bad as the only fraud capable of cheating hundreds of millions of Americans - vote fraud.

Thanks to our legal establishment in the U.S. and its rich legislative outreach programs (state and federal government infiltration) organized voter fraud has never been prosecuted under
Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization laws. In fact, it seems to be only a misdemeanor in many jurisdictions. Where a felony, it is in fact just a white-collar crime. You may recall that since lawyers are white collar folk, it stands to reason that their crimes would be viewed with minimal punishments. Get my drift?

Lawyers dominate our Senate and have a monopoly on the current Judiciary. Care to venture which political party in our country is dominated by trial lawyers? Go
here, and see for yourself.

Still don't belief it is a potentially serious issue? Recall what the pirate Al Gore attempted to do via the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000. Still protest? Word is now in (
source) from New York, Miami and Chicago:

- Democrats who cast votes after they died outnumbered Republicans by more than 4 to 1. The reason: Most of them came from Democrat-dominated New York City, where the higher population produced more matches.

In 1997, a judge declared a Miami mayoral election invalid because of widespread fraud, including dead voters. [ibid]

And in one of the more notorious examples, inspectors estimated that as many as 1 in 10 ballots cast in Chicago during the 1982 Illinois gubernatorial election were fraudulent for various reasons, including votes by the dead. [ibid]

In the 1960 presidential election, Chicago provided the winning votes for Kennedy. “Old Joe”, as JFK’s father was called, stated that he didn’t mind spending his money for votes, but he didn’t want to pay for a landslide. There was enough proof of fraud that Nixon’s supporters urged him to contest the election. Nixon, showing some sensibility for the stability of the country, declined, saying that he didn’t want to put the country through that process.

Additional things you should know (contrary to what the left tells us):

In 2004, according to the CRP, the oil and gas industry pumped $25 million into campaigns, 80 percent of it to the GOP. But that pales in comparison to industries and interests that fund the Democratic Party. That same year lawyers gave $182 million (75 percent to Democrats) and Hollywood donated $32 million (70 percent to Democrats).

Full Disclosure: I am an independent voter with no political party ties. I tend not to vote for lawyers of either party, as there is hardly much difference.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Jihad Reminder: Be Prepared

Think this doctored photo is funny? Actually, that's good. Some of these 'women' appear stout and brawny enough in the Olympic sense to be dangerous in a dark alley.

Nevertheless, we must be prepared to do our duty this Halloween.

Islamic radicals use masks regularly to avoid photographic and eye-witness identification during their dastardly, terrorist activities. Domestic felons, too, sometimes use masks to avoid identification during high-profile, criminal activities.

In many jurisdictions of the United States (thanks largely to KKK history) wearing a mask during the commission of a crime is itself a punishable offense. Also, it may be criminal to wear a mask at public assemblies and demonstrations. In Virginia, for example, it is illegal for those over sixteen years of age to wear a mask in a public place.
[2] In some states, it is only illegal to wear a mask if there is intent to commit an illegal act.[3]

Check out your local jurisdiction to be prepared for Halloween and similar chaos. Head scarves (hijabs) such as those pictured, fit the
definition of mask: a piece of material or kit worn on the face. Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes.

Sample Ordinance:

CONCEALING IDENTITY IN PUBLIC PROHIBITED Wearing hoods which conceal the identity by hiding the face or masks in a public place is hereby prohibited. No person shall, while wearing any hood which conceals the identity by hiding the face, mask or device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter, be or appear in any public place within the City.

Hat tip and photo credit: Lone Ranger


Friday, October 27, 2006

Always Silent and Strange, Sometimes Spurious and Entertaining

Consider this report (U.S.N buys Ruskie sub), brought to my attention by an upstanding contributor to UQNM who correctly questions its authenticity. Ask yourself why the fiscally stressed submarine service would spend $4 million to buy the soviet hulk, K-123:

(Soviet Alfa Class /When: August 8, 1982 / Where: Barents Sea ):
A liquid-metal reactor on K-123 nuclear attack sub sprung a leak, allowing the liquid metal to seep out, solidify, and create a large mass that damaged the internal mechanisms of the reactor. The sub was forced out of commission for eight years.

Such a purchase would have to involve a high military value or level of subterfuge (examples suggested in the next paragraph).

Perhaps UBL has been captured and this is the means of expatriating him to the U.S. for "debriefing'. Perhaps another, high order, submarine espionage event will soon surface and this is a way to harmlessly explain the otherwise implausible. In either case, or in those similar $4 million would be a mere pittance from some "black" budget.

The odd rumor is presented without a verifiable news link. A sampling of comments by regular readers of the reporting site are, well, entertaining:

A rusty bucket from the 70's is a strategic asset 30 years later? (goldorak)

And I hope none of the USN blokes they get to man her want to have anymore children. (diver)

"Don't talk to me about naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash" (Winston -Wales)

Abandoning such seriousness (turn on your sound): this payback scenario, instructs how to turn the tables on annoying telemarketers we have all encountered.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Scoop for the 4th Estate: The Mother of All Democrat Tradeoffs - Part II

Our media appear "stuck on stupid" in reporting daily military deaths in Iraq. While the duration of counter-terrorist operations in Iraq now exceeds the period of U.S. involvement in WWII, please note some stark differences:

The U.S. population today is 300 million. By the end of WWII the total U.S. population was only about 141 million (U.S. Census - 1946 estimate). There were 407,300 U.S. military deaths in WWII and 11,200 U.S. civilian deaths attributable to the war.

To guage the comparable impact of WWII's American civilian deaths on today's sissyfied, feminized population one would have to convert the 11,200 civilian deaths of WWII by 2.13 (the factor for interim population growth). Accordingly: 11,200 x 2.13 = 23,830 civilian deaths.

Now, lets do the same for U.S. WWII military deaths: 407,300 x 2.13 = 866,596. In order to appreciate the per capita magnitude of casualties suffered in WWII for the U.S. alone, we would have had to experience 866,596 deaths in the war against terrorism by now. The last time I checked, we have not suffered anything close to that number of war fatalities. Could no one in the press figure this out?

The law certainly has company, for the press is also an ass.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IRAQ: The Mother of All Democrat Tradeoffs

Every field of worthwhile human endeavor involves conscious decisions called Trade-offs.

In dictatorships, such decisions are rarely evident for public review. In theocracies, so much time has passed since the original prophet laid out the prevailing formulae, no one even remembers a trade-off beyond condemnation to HELL.

In the United States alone, a democratic republic, it was once the informal job of a watchful, bipartisan, 4th estate, our press (otherwise known as "the media") to educate voters about trade-offs with major, political repercussions.

Unfortunately, the 4th estate in its modern manifestation has been seduced by the motivations of capitalism to generate interesting news that sells. Educating the populace not only does not sell well, it causes expensive acts of political retribution by a group of trials lawyers known as the Democrat leadership.

Lately, our traditional press has reported "unbearably painful" U.S. military deaths to date in Iraq. The cumulative number for multiple years pales by those of WWII in even a single month. While we regret and honor the death of every U.S. soldier, marine, airman, sailor, and coast guardsman, have you thought about the motivations for those "supreme sacrifices" made by these heroic groups?

The tradeoff in military lives is deceptively simple. The civilian deaths and barbaric terrorist acts we read about daily in Iraq, are not happening in America. What is that? You don't believe such horrific acts could ever happen here? Tell me what prevents it other than daily confrontations by our armed heroes.

When should we be afraid? When red-blooded American patriots no longer volunteer to die for shallow, unpatriotic indecisiveness. Ask yourself: What are John Kerry's trade-offs? Ted Kennedy's, Hillary Clinton's (all lawyers) etc.? ... See what I mean?


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Submarines: Fresh Breaths of Reality

A civilian, New London artist has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing Groton's landmark (USS Nautilus Memorial sign “Submarine Capital of the World”) sign on I-95 with obscentities. Think of it, an artist who will someday apply for (another) federal/state grant to use our tax dollars for his livelihood attacking the spirit of sacrifice that allows his lazy hide to feed from public coffers. The miscreant has been released on a $3,500 bond until his Nov. 2nd court date.

Proposed: Restrict this artist from receiving public grant monies for a period equivalent to the minimum service requirement of a submariner, or as long as it would take one man to prime the hull of a submarine by hand, whichever he prefers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chairman of House Armed Services Committee predicts increase in submarine construction

What's wrong with that assessment?
1) The DOD does not want to increase submarine construction until 2012, or later (so, it will not happen beforehand).

2) House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, R-CA, who made the prediction, is assuming Republicans hold on to the House and Senate. Otherwise, a bow-tie man/woman will become the new head of the House Armed Services Committee and the navy will be lucky to maintain the submarine construction schedule it now has.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Submarine Nuclear Deterrence on a (Relative) Shoestring

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said earlier today that the Jewish state was "illegitimate" and could not survive.

To be effective, Israel's newest Dolphin submarines (ordered in July, 2006) must be delivered and their crews trained before Iran manages to tip its first, medium-range missile with a nuclear warhead. Israel knows pretty well when such capability will exist and has planned this purchase with ample lead time.

Germany will absorb one-third of the $1.3 billion bill for the diesel-electric propulsion systems that allow the new subs to remain submerged longer than the three nuclear arms-capable submarines already in Israel's fleet, the Jerusalem Post
reported. The Jerusalem Post had reported in late August that the new subs will be operational shortly (sounds like a firm order had been placed before July, doesn't it?).

The latest submarines would provide Israel with crucial second-strike capabilities, according to London-based independent defense analyst Paul Beaver. Israel is believed to have land-based (Jericho-1 and Jericho-2 nuclear-capable ballistic missiles), which are buried so far underground they would survive a nuclear strike, according to Beaver.

Michael Karpin, an expert on Israel's atomic weapons capabilities, said nuclear-armed submarines provide better second-strike capabilities than missiles launched from airplanes.
"Planes are vulnerable, unlike nuclear (armed) submarines that can operate for an almost unlimited amount of time without being struck," Karpin said. "Second-strike capabilities are a crucial element in any nuclear conflict."

Who wants to bet that Israel's crews have already trained on existing Dolphins, in contractor's launch systems facilities, etc.?

Think $1.3 billion is alot? The total acquisition costs of the UK's Trident programme are £12.57 billion (about $24 billion).


Monday, October 16, 2006

DPRK: the suitcase bomb threat

One year ago, Molten Eagle brought up suitcase nuclear bombs. Besides Iran, North Korea (the DPRK) may soon be in the running to supply the stealth nukes to customers with terrorism in mind. There are hundreds of delivery methods for these weapons in addition to walking across our borders with them. The one most concerning is by hot-air balloon event. Submarine delivery would be another possibility (recall the Japanese mini-subs attacking Pearl Harbor).

November 9, 2001 -
"I'm not overly concerned about the suitcase bomb threat," said Jon Wolfsthal, an associate with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "The U.S. intelligence services have very high confidence that Russia has accounted for all its nuclear weapons."

earlier, 2006 -
"Only a nation with an extremely advanced nuclear program could manufacture warheads small enough to fit into a suitcase."
"The smallest nuclear warhead manufactured by the USA was the W54, used for the Davy Crockett warhead which could be fired from a 120 mm recoilless rifle, and a backpack version called the Mk-54 SADM (Small Atomic Demolition Munition). While this warhead, with a weight of only 51 lb (23 kg), could potentially fit into a large suitcase, it would be a very tight fit."

The explosive power of 1 kiloton of TNT — not much by the normal standards of a nuclear weapon would do tremendous physical damage (many, many times more than the 0.002 kilton explosive used on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995. source

earlier today -
A US military aircraft collected air samples on 11 October, two days after Pyongyang made its announcement of a successful test. The apparently small size of the explosion had led to doubts over the veracity of North Korea's claim. Mr. Negroponte's office confirmed that a nuclear explosion with a yield of "less than a kiloton" took place. (bold emphasis added)


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Proposal on Dealing With a Spoiled Child: A Simple, Effective Sanction for N. Korea's Kim Jong-il

On October 9, 2006, in violation of international law, North Korea claimed it had tested its first nuclear weapon in an undisclosed, underground test site. Since Mr. Kim's rise to power in 1994, neither the Clinton nor Bush administration, nor the U.N. has been able to reign in this loose cannon.

Kim Jong-il is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK's) sixty-five year-old leader. His portrait is displayed throughout North Korea and state-run media describe him as a genius military tactician. Mr. Kim has been called "loathsome" and a "pygmy" by President George W. Bush, who branded North Korea in his 2002 "axis of evil" speech.

In reality, Kim Jong-il is a reclusive Stalinist-type leader known for his "cruelty and unpredictability"[15]. Kim lives the inferiority complex of every child not taught his place, or any 5-foot 3" male. He tends to overcompensate his macho side. His favorite Hollywood features (besides women) include Rambo and James Bond films.

Although he is a fan of bicycle racing who owns a number of high-end Bianchi models, Mr. Kim rides none of them, because racing bikes with training wheels tend to destroy one's image. Like his father, it is also widely reported that Kim has a profound fear of flying, preferring always to travel by private, armored train in state visits to Russia or China.

This brings us to the proposed sanction: What infuriates a spoiled child no-end? Prohibit Kim from any air travel. He would have to fly, land and be photographed disembarking to prove he still could. But that he will not do, because he is too afraid. The result would tarnish his image as a DPRK leader. He would soon request participation in the six-party talks desired by the U.S.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Terror Fuss: ARAMs, PRDs and SSNs

The term terror fuss characterizes the scurrilous efforts by the out-of-favor political party to frighten voters and cast the administration's job of protecting American citizens as poor. The example most often cited is inadequate port security (translation: we need more unionized security workers at our ports).

After five years, Islamo terrorists have failed to score again on U.S. soil and their chances of doing so have declined from 50% to under 5%. If you owned Bin Laden's terror team, would you be paying them bonuses for winning? If you were in the U.S. Senate (the supposed Homeland Team) would you be advertising real weaknesses in our port security?

In order for politicians to sound plausible, they must obtain facts about what is being done to protect our ports. But, if those lawyers (most of them are) get real facts to twist and spin in the press, our literate, terrorist enemies get them shortly thereafter and plot ways to overcome them. Adequate port security has been in place and is improving without public notice, and disclosures of compromising details.

Coast Guard cutters, helicopters, even US NAVY submarines and future blimps could monitor nodes in shipping lanes just outside of our ports (if they do not already). Do we know what all of them actually do? Consider the ruggedized radiation detection device (LLNL photo above) in a 3 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft case, weighing 200 lbs. Placed at highway checkpoints, airport inspection areas, in Coast Guard vessels, helicopters and blimps and, Voila! It has
been here (see 2005 R&D Awards) Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor (ARAM).

And it works: The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that on July 20, 2006, a large rig passing through a California-Nevada border check point triggered the radiological alarm on the ARAM system detector. The alarm prompted action from the Truckee Fire Protection District and the Nevada County Health Services, as well as the Truckee Fire’s Hazardous Materials Unit, which conducted the inspection and finally cleared the vehicle for release. Although the truck was carrying the load legally and the public was never in danger, the ARAM demonstrated its unique capability to rapidly and accurately identify radiological material passing through the area and provide an immediate alarm.
source Nice.

But, just in case a Venezuelan (for example) sneaks something inside the U.S. in his leather pouch, these
PRDs (personal radiation detectors) and these things are everywhere (some longshoremen actually have them). Note the EMP Test Results by the Naval Air Warfare Center. They have been around in earlier versions since 9-11. Even Senator Kerry can buy one today for under $130 anytime he wants. Do ya' think Sen. Kerry's chauffer has one on the limousine key?


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Of Unknown Records, The Force and Dolphin

Bubblehead at TSSBP recently posted Submariners: Unknown World Record Holders?
He first reminds us: "As all submariners know, whenever we're asked how deep our submarines can go, all we can say is 'in excess of 800 feet'; it becomes very second-nature for us to say this, much the same way that 'in excess of 25 knots"'and 'I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of...' are." Read the full post, linked above, and veiled comments.

Later Bubblehead says,
"Who knows how many other World Records submariners could be recognized for if not for the secrecy surrounding the Force..." [my emphasis].

Is the Force a secret military capability right out of the Star Wars movie? Also, what's this: 1500 feet operating depth, >3000 feet (915 meters) test? (see Depth -USS Dolphin AGSS-555). More on the Force and the Dolphin in a minute. First, back to Bubblehead's theme of submariners' Unknown World Records.

This was first recorded as an LP record by a submariner. Is Tommy Cox the world's only submarine recording artist? Some of you know. Please inform the rest of us. Listen to some of Tommy Cox's sound clips here. End of submariner world records question. ( Chapomatic takes a deep breath ).

Now, more about the Force. Toward the end of its record-shattering service record, the submarine USS Dolphin (AGSS-555) conducted experiments connected with evaluation of a possible "fifth force of nature" while deeply submerged. May the Force be with you, submariners.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Intriguing Story Gets Stranger: Part III - Two Albuquerque Deserters

The Strange Case of FT3 Ariel J. Weinmann (USS Albuquerque deserter) just got stranger: The first count alleged that in March 2005, Weinmann attempted to communicate classified information relating to national defense to a representative of an unidentified foreign government.

Enlisted July, 2003
Finished sub school October, 2004
Deployed on
USS Albuquerque (SSN-706)
Deserted submarine in July 2005
Picked up at the DFWI Airport March 26, 2006
Held in secret at Norfolk brig for 4 months (until late July 2006) source
Will face court-martial in November

From Part I - Most Intriguing Story: biographical information "at the classified level." posted August 14, 2006 - here Molten Eagle predicted:

Expect disciplinary actions against more than one of the then Albuquerque crew.

Then, in Part II - "Weinmann Submarine Espionage: Unraveling a Mystery" posted September 12, 2006 - here Molten Eagle asked readers:

2- Which countries would be 'worst case' nightmares for the U.S. in the Weinmann case?

Now: Following his Sept. 21 general court-martial in Groton, Conn. Lt. Robert J. Loomis III pleaded guilty to desertion with intention to avoid hazardous duty and dereliction of duty.

Commissioned in December 2001 (ROTC - University of Michigan)
Spent almost 3 years aboard USS Albuquerque SSN-706 (est. 2002-5)
Reported for Groton instructor duty in Target Motion Analysis (in 2005)
----Loomis timeline after PO3 Weinmann was picked up after his desertion:
Selected individual augmentee (IA) for duty in Afghanistan June 26, 2006
On July 6, Loomis failed to report and was placed in an unauthorized absence status.
On July 8, Loomis turned himself in to the Naval Submarine School in Groton
----Loomis key event after Weinmann "held in secret" story broke
Court-martial Sept. 2006 source

So, Molten Eagle asks rhetorically:
Could there have been any relationship between Loomis' and Weinmann's "desertions"? They seemed to have barely overlapped on the USS Albuquerque (during 2005). Was Lt. Loomis Albuquerque's Weapons Officer with Weinmann in his division? Was Lt. Loomis the source of the sensitive biographical information Weinmann secreted to a foreign government?

If not, Loomis' desertion is yet another black eye for the modern submarine service. The Navy's Lt j.g. Karl Lettow said Loomis is believed to be the only one [sailor who had failed to report for or deserted from PRT duty]. Astute readers will find links above that could suggest an entirely undisclosed motive.

Please, no one pretending to be from Albuquerque's crew should bother posting a comment. Crews remain under strict orders of silence in such matters.

By the way, the public blood letting is probably over, but someone higher up has probably been encouraged to leave the navy early by now. Just a few thoughts, because submarines are always silent and strange.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Before Mare Island Submarine Base was An Incredible Man of Submariner Mettle

During September and October of 1849 the ship this Lietenant commanded had surveyed San Francisco Bay. Based upon his recommendation, the U.S. Government secured Mare Island for a prominent naval base and shipyard in 1853. Less than half a century later, USNA graduates would become the nations submarine commanders.

He received the following eulogy: "The work which he accomplished will live forever. Surrounded by circumstances the most difficult, perhaps, which ever tried the constancy, the judgment, the resources of any hydrographer, he vanquished circumstances. His reconnaissance of the western coast, from Monterey to Columbia river, and his preliminary survey there, were made in spite of desertion and even mutiny--in despite of the inadequacy of means to meet the truly extraordinary circumstances of the country...."

Here is some of what he had done earlier:

He was a midshipman in the early United States Navy. For his first expedition he was assigned to the Florida Everglades, still involved in an Indian war. The expedition ended in disaster when he was shot in both legs and carried back to a ship's boat by a nameless black sailor. A rifle ball was recovered from one of his legs, but the other could not be removed and pained him for the remainder of life.

In 1840, he was assigned to a vessel conducting surveys on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico for the Navy Department. He took over observations on Narragansett Bay and by 1846, commanded a schooner conducting hydrographic surveys in the upper Chesapeake. Later, in 1848, he worked the southern reaches of Chesapeake Bay, the Dismal Swamp Canal, and Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. In July, 1848, the Coast Survey was directed to commence surveying the western coast.

He received orders to proceed to San Francisco to take command of the hydrographic party of a former revenue cutter that was transferred to the Survey. He was to proceed to Panama and thence take whatever transportation was available to California. Unfortunately, gold had just been discovered and the great migration of 49'ers had just begun.

He left the United States in early 1849, and made it to Chagres on the Caribbean side of Panama (the canal would not be built for another 65 years) . He found Chagres overcrowded with future '49ers and lawless. As an United States officer, he lead a vigilante committee to restore order within two days.

Boating up the Chagres as far as he could, he then went overland by mule to Panama. There was no transportation out and many wouldbe travelers were becoming sick with tropical fevers. A delegation of gold seekers approached a local merchant who was using the Ship HUMBOLDT as a coal store ship. They bought the ship with funds from 400 passengers putting up $200 apiece and selected him as commanding officer.

The HUMBOLDT left Panama on May 21, 1849, needing 46 days to reach Acapulco where supplies were needed as all on board were nearly famished. Cooking of the daily meal was done in a fifty-gallon pot with a coffee served in the morning and a tea at night. The ship arrived in San Francisco on August 31. On September 6 he was installed as captain of the Ewing.

He suffered an acute attack of dysentery, dying December 23 as the OREGON entered the port of Panama. Read the full story and see a portrait of of Lt. William Pope McArthur (1814 - 1850) here at the NOAA biography site.