Friday, December 08, 2006

Photo Contest Announcement

Announcing a fun contest.

"I like the neat prize, and if you are a submarine enthusiast or military historian, so will you."
- Turtle Sailor (too old to blog these days)

"Wow, if I can ever figure out my dissertation topic, I want to enter this one." - Chapped (PhD hopeful)

"I can definitely relate to this prize." - PBS

"Not me, I wish it were an Ayn Rand cookbook; if I win, that's what I would trade it for!"
- Spaghetti Van Horn

Due to the highly successful Beach Submarine Photo Contest this past Summer, Presents for your Holiday Entertainment:


All entries must be in by 12:00 midnight est on Thursday December 14th. will post entries as received. Send your entries to On Friday he will post a poll and we can all vote for the best one. Saturday, he will announce the winner.

Any kind of photo editing software can be used. The photo must be an altered photo including any type of Christmas/Holiday scene or subject, and a Submarine or Submarine Sailor. (Sorry, Nudity or sexually explicit photo’s will not be entered in the contest.)
Click here for the Contest Page and Current Photo Submissions
Here is the Prize which makes a fine Christmas gift for any Submariner.


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