Friday, January 20, 2012

Iran's submariners volunteer - for suicide - Quote of the Week

19 January, 2012 - An Iranian commander has warned that Tehran is on full alert in case of enemy threats, and has the best submarines in the world ready to “ambush and hit enemy vessels, especially US Aircraft carriers, from the seabed throughout the Persian Gulf.”

Ghadir submarines are equipped with cutting edge military and technological equipment and are capable of firing Hoot supercavitating rocket torpedoes, allegedly reverse-engineered from the Russian VA-111 Shkval.

Did we mention that despite speed, Hoots betray their source, whether resting on a seabed or not. Sonar systems can easily detect cavitation, and supercavitation is fantastically noisy. Another giveaway for subs launching something that travels underwater at 223 mph is straight line motion from source to target. Our navy can pinpoint and annihilate the sources (Iran's subs) using a variety of pre-positioned sonar transponders, a triangulation algorithm (speed of light), and submarine killers.

You would be correct to guess the Hoot could still strike our aircraft carrier (its target) unless intercepted en route at a safe distance from target (more than 100 feet). With military GPS and networked communications, the proper drop point for a countermeasure (this perhaps) can also be transmitted to a defensive vessel or aircraft (at light speed).

Iranian suicide sailors will have just enough time to hear their Hoot explode and assume it damaged its target - before they are annihilated.

"IRGC soldiers and sailors are also generally expected to be more ideologically committed than regular forces and could even be used to conduct suicide attacks." -source
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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