Monday, January 11, 2010

Predictions Some Will Not Like

1. Skype to offer video teleconferencing service on LG, Panasonic TVs - PREDICTION: SUCCESS
- REASONING: Free teleconferencing (Video phonecalls to Skype subscribers) This irresistable facility will mushroom in nuclear fashion. QUESTION - Which of the major phone companies is going to buy out Skype? BellSouth? Verizon? Alltell?
2. 3D TV is being billed as possible industry saviour - PREDICTION: BALONEY
- REASONING: Major demographic counter-trends (aging populace) still govern. Notice in the accompanying PEW chart (above) three trends...
1. Gamer percentage declines with advancing age.
2. Women gamers comprise the lesser percentage of all gamers. As the overall population ages, women will comprise the greater surviving segment (actuarially). That automatically limits the gamer population by skewing it toward relatively less interested females.
3. Gamers cannot save the TV industry. The major appeal would have to be 3-D movies, not games. Why? Because the majority of TV viewers are not gamers, and the appeal of 3-D TV, even movies, is much less than the appeal 3-D games. Most TV viewers, therefore, will not find 3-D TV that compelling. With gamers, however, the reverse is TRUE; 3-D is VERY COMPELLING.



At 12 January, 2010 13:35, Blogger Jay said...

BellSouth and Alltell are defunct, so it won't be them.

The better question is will a remaining Telco (AT&T, Verizon) do this, or will a cable company?

As for 3-D, I predict an epic fail.


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